There are several advantages to using a rendering farm, the most important of which are speed, convenience, and reduced risk. Read this article carefully to learn more about its benefits as I'll briefly explain them:

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Speed. If a project is displayed on multiple servers in parallel, it will finish faster. The speed boost depends on many circumstances and can be two to one hundred times faster. Of course, the most impressive result is obtained when viewing the animation: Imagine displaying it on 150 servers, each three times faster than your MacBook Pro. This sums up ass 450 times faster. Or 1 hour instead of 18 rendering days.

Convenience. When you send a project to a farm, you share your own computer. This means you won't have a source of noise and heat in your home or office 24/7. This also means you can use this computer for other jobs. Or play this great game that you never have time to play.

Reduction of risk. The computer can overheat and shut down or even become damaged. Or the process can be cancelled due to power failure. And even worse if it happened the night before the project deadline. The visualization farm handles these events in a way that is safe for the user. Even if the server fails or the power fails, the display will be transferred to another computer. This means your previews are always ready when you need them.

This is the advantages of a render farm. In the next article, I will discuss what you need to know to use Reder Farm. If you have a specific question or related topic you'd like to cover, post them in the comments and we'll try to find the answers.