If you have disconnected breast implants but before you see the available breast implant funding options, do your research and learn about your own breast implants.

Breast implants, also known as breast augmentation or mammoplasty, are used for enlargement in plastic surgery. There are many reasons for women choosing this type of operation, including increasing the balance between the differences between the thighs and chest, increasing self-esteem and self-confidence that provide higher confidence, and restoring the reduction in chest volume after losing weight or after pregnancy. After you do all the tests, your next step is to see the surgeon and have your first consultation. After you complete all surveys, you have all the right questions to be asked to him.

At present there are two types of breast implants to choose from. Each type of implant has advantages and disadvantages. You must ask which surgeon is the best for you and your body. 

One type of breast implant is silicon implants, which is an elastomer silicon arm filled with silicone gel.

Unlike silicon implants from the past, they are better in the gel cohesion because they maintain their shape even after being cut. In the past, silicone gel leaked from implant shell.

The advantage of silicone breast implants is that they are natural, feel and look natural. 

Saline breast implants consist of a silicon elastomer shell with saline solution (salt solution) in it. Saline solutions such as body fluids, and if implants are leaked, are safe for the body to absorb. Breast implants with saline solutions are inserted without filling into the breast and then filled with sterile saline solutions. These physiological implants come in various forms and textures.