Can business coaching make a difference for you? The world of sports offers plenty of examples. The right coach can take last year's losers and turn them into this year's winners.

Business coaching can empower you to achieve greater success. It can also enlighten you as to how your strengths can be put to their best use. The following points highlight how good coaching can get you going, keep you going, get your best out of you, build a team, and evolve your business.

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Making You Accountable

A CEO of a national financial-services network-marketing firm said it best: "That which gets measured gets done." A major challenge for those starting a business is accountability. Unlike when you have a position in a large company, with your own business, you answer to you. You share your business plan and have an accountability partner to keep you true.

Keeping You Going

Let's face it, some days are harder than others when running a business. Business coaching gives you a cheerleader. But beyond that, business coaching links you to a trained motivator. As Action Coaches-a leading coaching service-says, we all need to "rediscover our passion" from time to time.

More for Less

We would all like to make more money for less work if we could. What stops us? Often it is experience. Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton said, "Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment." That's business coaching! Wouldn't it be great to benefit from the bad judgment of others and gain the benefit of their experience? Good business coaching does just that for you.

Team Building

Few people succeed alone. Just as coaching can hold you accountable and keep you passionate, it can also teach you how to build your team. Good coaching teaches you that real success comes in getting others to buy into your vision and execute your plan. Maybe leadership isn't natural for you.