Most people in the world are born with perfect teeth. Some people need orthodontic treatments that can make children's teeth perfect. Orthodontic dentists use various types of braces such as metal, ceramic, and many others.

They also use various devices to fix dental problems in children or adults. One of the advantages of metal supports us in providing excellent gear control. The orthodontist first examines the patient's teeth and tightens the wires if necessary. You can easily get treatment of Elk Grove orthodontics via

Various brackets

You can find various kinds of brackets on the market such as metal, ceramic, archwire and many others. Each type of brace has a unique function. You need to understand these features before deciding to use orthodontic braces.

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The orthodontist reviews the patient and then decides which type of braces is right for each patient. Orthodontic brackets have a slot that holds the curved wire. Some types have hooks that attach an elastic band to the arch. They are made of high quality materials which ensure durability.

Ceramic bracket

Ceramic bracket is a popular type. This type is made of transparent ceramic material. The shape and size of ceramic braces used in orthodontics are similar to those of metal. Most patents contain ceramic and help provide dental fluoride, which protects teeth from cavities.

Metal clip

Metal is smaller and protruding compared to metal mouth. Metal brackets in orthodontics are made of stainless steel which are fixed to each tooth with the help of cement. Thermally activated archwires are used to warm the body, which helps the teeth move faster and with less pain.