There are many reasons why business owners prefer to outsource QuickBooks bookkeeping. This service especially appeals to small business owners who lack time or accounting skills. These small organisations also suffer from staff shortages due to the high costs of maintaining a bookkeeper. 

The average fee for a bookkeeper is approximately $45. This fee contains the cost overrun of keeping them in your office. For example, your full-time accountant deserves ergonomic office furniture and equipment.

They are also entitled to paid leave, free training, and frequent performance reviews to provide a basis for promotions or salary increases. Hire QuickBooks bookkeeper for professional guidance and make your workload easier.

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What's even more amazing about these freelancers is that they work remotely. They will never bother you in the office. These companies have fully equipped offices and only incur their overhead. That's why they claim to have the ability to cut fifty percent of your office expenses.

Their rates are very affordable, competitive, and attractive to small business owners. However, when outsourcing QuickBooks bookkeeping, you need to be careful. There are Internet-based QuickBooks professionals who end up charging you more than your in-house accountant. They make you incur the cost of setting up the software. 

This can range from $395 to $495. They also sell you an account on their server, which can cost anywhere from $70 to $100. If you add the estimated costs above to their hourly rate, which is between $35 and $45, you will see how unfair these companies can be.