When the concept of custom software development was first proposed, many software developers initially found it too expensive and/or too time-consuming. They had to eat their word, and in less than a decade, the consumer software segment had become one of the most profitable development segments.

The current market for custom software development is highly competitive and is constantly evolving to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

Custom software development - How your business can benefit

Think about it – a decade ago computers were the basis of all office work that ordinary workers did. The first wave of change came with BlackBerry phones, which were owned by the company and reserved for the corporate elite.

The game completely changed after the introduction of the first iPhone, followed by the introduction of a growing selection of Android devices launched by manufacturers from Samsung to Micromax. As device choices change, so do the software development requirements for customers' customers.

Current developments in this segment are largely driven by the trend of CoIT (IT Consumerism), which at the most basic level are users who do not wish to be limited by only the basic functionality of the application. From a marketing perspective, custom development focuses on specific segments, which increases profitability by introducing new offering levels.

On the way to a world with a smaller screen with excellent screen resolution, a significant increase in applications for mobile devices is only expected in a new era of custom solutions, which should revolutionize the global market segment.