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Spreadsheet for inventory? Is not a good idea.

There are several problems with using a spreadsheet for inventory calculations. When you use a spreadsheet, there are many manual steps involved, such as creating formulas and creating a dashboard using selected ranges. All the effort you put in maybe in vain with a small mistake, it is difficult to trace i.e. again hours of effort on your part to check the source of the error. Visit to get the best inventory management software.

More than 68% of spreadsheets have errors that are carried forward, and there are many studies that show thousands of dollars are being wasted because of these mistakes. You also need to maintain many such files causing issues of data not displaying correctly or wrong data entering the system. A simple inventory system for small businesses can save you all the troubles mentioned above. You can spend your precious time making a profit instead of solving spreadsheet problems.

This is the reason why Kalpak Solutions offers intelligent Inventory Management Systems which are widely successful in preventing human errors and calculation mistakes.

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It's even easier to manage your cost cuts; With a few settings, you can avoid unnecessary piles of stock. Order on time to save your cost! Moreover, if you are looking for e-commerce inventory management software, you are in the right place! We have over 500 customers who are successfully using our software, and they are pleased with our service.