Building fence often means that the home owner will never ask for a warranty because of the durability of the material.

• Wooden fence

It also has the ability to attract people with its beauty that cannot be compared to any other available material. You can also buy aluminium privacy screens at

The wooden fence is three feet high and can be attached to a wall about three inches inside. You will find that the length is the length of the ladder.

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After installation, the guardrail board is firmly fixed inside. There is a gap of about 20 cm between the two. So, if you want to achieve the desired effect, it is possible.

• Iron fence

You can also use this type of material as it will give your space an old and elegant look. It is so old that it speaks of the precious family traditions and values used in the home. People who lived in the 70s and 80s still used this material.

Metal fences are adaptable and can be used with other types of decorations. This material has a long history of use and the internet makes it easy for you to find any old stuff online that you might be looking for.

You can get this material in various designs such as twist, knuckle, goth and many other custom-made products. They do not rust easily because they contain a hidden sanding surface.