Cuban cigars continue to be on the list of the best cigars on the market. People are still looking for certain cigars and usually get fake cigars, not real ones. Even if price is the top priority in the document, people still buy this cigar by all means.

The market is full of fake Cuban cigars. If you want to know the properties of authentic Cuban cigars, you must visit a cigar factory in Cuba. You can find the best cigar factory tours via various web sources. 

cigar factory tours

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Cuban cigars will be the top priority for every cigar lover because of its unique taste that you may not get from various types of cigars. Packaging, color other than label indicates the validity of Cuban cigars.

The fake Cuban cigars do not come in as beautiful and fine packaging as the original. The perfect premium cigar in the perfect packaging. You need to use your experience and consider your overall appearance.

Various exclusive cigars have a distinctive colored shell, although they are darker or lighter. This is just a special approach to find out if you received a fake or genuine item. Many cigar shops stock samples and this breaks the seal or works if you are trying to find a high quality cigar.

When you have a cigar in hand, check the seal. Cuban seals are perfect and identical in size. No other company can replicate the pressure and placement as a top Cuban company. These steps can help you find a real Cuban cigar.