If you think about your neighborhood and getting tired of using unsafe lights, then you need to replace those lights with LED lights.

A led light tube is a better choice than other kinds of lightning that we use. They are more efficient, less conserve power, and also help for lowering our electricity bills.

If you would like to buy LED strip lights (which is also known as ‘ซื้อไฟเส้น LED‘ in the Thai language) then you can visit online LED websites.

TL Cold 8W White Led Tubelight 600mm | Ensol

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Installing LED lights is the best way to save money and go green to protect the earth and your own life as well. Led lighting installation will require some modifications that should definitely be done around the fluorescent light fixture.

The fluorescent lamp consists of three main components; fluorescent lamps; ballast; and finally a starter. Depending on the type you might use a fluorescent lamp, a starter system may have its own use. In some cases not necessary at all, sometimes already built-in ballast and in some ways, it can be a replaceable component.

So, when you want to fix the LED lights into the same fixture of fluorescent lamps, the first thing you need to do would be to let go of the starter and ballast.

Keep in mind that the light Led tube you intend to install is of the same shape and size of the fixture that is already wiring in your home. You can easily find the lamp tube with the same size on the market and will save you the hassle of getting new equipment for the installation of the cable in Led tube lights.