Medical balloons are available in a wide variety of devices and are widely used for placement, delivery, centering, stent placement, occlusion, angioplasty, and pressure monitoring. 

At Biomerics, we design and develop balloons and balloon catheters for the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, radiology, and urology markets. You can also browse to know more about medical balloon development.

Device Prototyping

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We have the ability to manufacture medical balloons by blowing, pouring, and high-frequency welding. Our capabilities allow us to offer our customers non-conformable, semi-compatible and compatible balloons in a variety of material configurations. 

We have the ability to customize balloon properties based on material, shape, and process, and work with customers to develop properties such as size, adherence, chemical resistance, resistance, surface area, blast pressure, and final balloon burst strength.

Our balloon manufacturing process begins with the basic ingredients of the balloon, continues with production and assembly, and ends with the packaging of the device. 

This allows us to support our customers from prototyping to series production and sales. This approach gives our customers additional confidence in the functionality of their ready-made devices.

The medical balloon competency center offers all its capabilities to design, manufacture and test high-performance medical balloons, including specialized equipment and project engineers to ensure short deadlines and faster time to market.

Rapid response prototyping enables rapid design concepts not available through typical ready-to-use industrial solutions. 

Complete options for medical catheter development including state-of-the-art extrusion, handle and shaft development, balloon, microtube development, and micro metallic component manufacturing and manufacturing, assembly, and coating.