If you’re a project manager you have to constantly juggle between the actual task of project management and administrative tasks like taking meeting notes.

Instead of wasting time laboriously writing down meeting notes, you can create mind maps to highlight the minutes of meetings. Mind maps prove to be an outstanding feature to complete your project.

Not only do they take less time and convey information more efficiently, but they can also capture ideas that might look tangential to the topic at hand.

You can use mind mapping techniques to define the scope of a project. As clients talk about their needs the team can work together to flesh out the project deliverables, assumptions, prerequisites, and boundary conditions in a mind map.

This process makes the entire exercise more efficient as all the stakeholders can understand the scope of the project easily on a diagram instead of referring to paragraphs of text. 

Creating the scope using a mind map is just the start. This mind map can easily be extended to a more granular level as you and your team start breaking down the project scope into actual tasks.

This work allocation mind map makes it extremely easy for you to have both a bird’s eye and a worm’s eye view of the entire project. You can also attach deadlines to the individual tasks on the mind map and set an easy-to-understand timeline.

As the project progresses you can keep referring to the diagram to keep track of deadlines.