Holding an event can cost you a lot of money, so the last thing you want to happen is low ticket sales. Whether you’re holding an event with a goal to entertain people, educate people, or something else entirely, one of two things is true: you want to make money on the event or you want to break even.

An experienced brand activation company in the UK knows how to jump-start ticket sales months, weeks, or days before your event. They know what works and can help you identify opportunities to reach your ticket sales goals so you don’t have to worry about breaking even. 

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You need to do some research, ask a lot of questions, and listen carefully to choose the best company for your event. Follow the tips below to choose who to work with to promote your event.

1. Define Your Smart Goals

SMART goals are traditionally used in employee performance planning, but they apply for many types of goal setting, including setting event marketing goals. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. In simplest terms, you need to set goals for your marketing investments that:

  • Are extremely specific

  • Can be measured to determine whether or not you reach them

  • Are realistic for you to attain

  • Are highly relevant to your event

  • Can (and should) be completed within a specific amount of time

2. Research Competencies

You should review each agency’s portfolio and ask to see results from previous events they’ve promoted. It’s important that they have processes in place to promote events like yours. You don’t want them to have to start from scratch with your event. Instead, look for a company that already knows what works.

3. Research Experience

In addition to researching competencies, you should research each agency’s experience. How many events like yours have they handled the marketing for?

Make sure other events are like yours or you can’t compare apples to apples. Marketing a corporate conference is much different from marketing an air show or renaissance fair! You need to feel confident that the agency you work with understands what you do and what you need because they’ve done it before.

4. Request Proof

Event marketing companies could make you believe they’ll sell every ticket to your event without any challenges at all. That’s not usually the case. Therefore, always ask for references, but not just any reference will do. Ask to speak directly with references and insist that those references are current and the work completed was similar to what you need to promote your event.

5. Evaluate Costs

Of course, you need to understand the fees and other costs that each agency will charge you. Some might work on a retainer basis while others might charge by the hour or based on a percentage of your advertising budget.

However, you can ask more questions for further clarification of any fees you’re unsure of, and you can always negotiate fees. Most agencies have some wiggle room in their initial estimates that they can use to extend a discount, particularly if they want to win your business for future projects, too.