A precise measurement of your driveline is essential to ensure you get the high-quality product you require. Since we're committed to providing the best quality custom drivelines we provide special attention to each client and each application. Continue reading to know more about measuring your driveshaft.

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If you're in the market to replace a shaft making sure you have the correct measurements are essential. Since vehicles change almost every year in a different manner. So, being able to take the right measurements is as important as being able to supply our customers with information about the year, year-old, as well as the model number of your car.

A crucial aspect in obtaining an accurate measurement of the driveshaft you are able to get is knowing the configuration of your driveshaft. There are four common kinds of driveshaft configurations

End yoke to the end of yoke (Measure between the middle of the one U-Joint towards the middle of the second U-Joint)

Spline from the end of yoke (Measure from the top of the spline towards the middle of the U-Joint)

Flange to Flange (Measure starting from the front of the first Flange up to face of the second Flange)

End yoke and face of flange (Measure from the U-joint center to the edge of the flange)

For security reasons, It is the best option to be cautious in determining the driveshaft. We strongly recommend using the jack stands and lifts for vehicles to protect yourself.

Another vital aspect when measuring the drive shaft is to identify what is known as the U the joint's series.