Bright colours, storage, texture and your child's input – these are the essential aspects of selecting the right kids bedroom accessories. Hopefully, you've learned something from this article. Then, you can begin shopping for the right accessories for your child's room! Keep reading to learn more! Here are a few of our favourite kids' bedroom accessories. Let us know what you think! What are your child's favourite accessories?

Bright colors

Choosing bright colors for children's bedroom accessories is a fun way to make the space more lively. Whether you are selecting accessories for a toddler or an older child, keep in mind that too much of one color can become overwhelming. Also, be sure to avoid using too many trends in the room. Trends can change and your room might look like an Instagram studio! Instead, select colors that are cozy and inviting.

The color palette should fit your child's personality and complement the style of the rest of the house. Designer Laura McCroskey recommends muted pink for homes with a more traditional style. Muted pinks also look great when used in combination with bold shades of yellow, blue, and white. Bright pinks may be overpowering, but they'll help your child focus on the bright accents. Bright pinks may not be right for every child, but they should still be fun!


One way to give your child's bedroom a unique character is to use paint effects. These can add a little bit of personality to a room and are surprisingly easy to do. You can use a simple graphic outline or line design to create a seascape, cotton-wool clouds, or star-spangled galaxy. No matter how amateurish you think you are, paint effects are a great way to add personality to a room. For a more elaborate effect, you can use brilliant wall stickers.

If your child shares a room with siblings, consider adding storage space to the room. While they will want to have a private space for their own items, it is still important to leave them their own space. Decorative shelves and pinboards can be an excellent way to express your child's personality. An upholstered headboard can double as a pinboard. You can also opt for a design that is consistent throughout the room, such as a mountain print.


To provide additional storage for children's bedroom accessories, you need to buy furniture that combines multiple functions. For instance, you can get a painted panel with floating shelves to serve as a desk. You can also use magnetic strips to secure metal objects. You can find various options for under-bed storage to suit your child's needs. Regardless of the type of storage you buy, make sure it is safe for your children.

For a shared children's room, storage cubes are a good option. Storage cubbies have evolved from the plain white squares of the past to come in a variety of designs. These include stacked cubbies, rounded cubbies, and wall-mounted units. These can help you find the perfect storage space for your child's bedroom accessories. However, you should be aware that these cubes may not be cheap.

Getting your child's input

When it comes to decorating a child's bedroom, getting their input is very important. The style and decor of their room will influence their personality and sense of style. When you buy your child's bedroom accessories, make sure to get their input as well. Some ideas for decor include wall art, which can add personality to the room. You can also incorporate kid-made artworks or framed works of art your child already enjoys.

Getting your child's input when buying your child's bedroom accessories can encourage organisational skills and practical problem-solving. Besides fostering organisational skills, a child who helped you design the room will be more likely to take care of it. Consider storage solutions to help your child stay tidy and excited about putting away their toys. It's a great way to foster creative thinking and make your child's bedroom a haven for them.