In many ways, aging is related to our bodies rusting just as much as iron. When the human body is exposed to oxygen, it is also genetically damaged by free oxygen radicals. You can get the best high-quality antibodies services by clicking at bosterbio.

Secondary Antibodies and Controls

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There are other causes of aging that have to do with how the proteins in our system work, how waste builds up in our cells, other debris builds up between our cells, and how our DNA repair kits are metabolized from damaged life.

Then comes the question of antibodies, also called immunoglobulins, which are gamma globulin proteins found in our blood or other fluids in the bodies of all vertebrates, including humans.

They are used by our immune system to identify, specifically neutralize or destroy many foreign objects present at any given time, including bacteria and viruses.

Aging is a disease and there is nothing natural or romantic about it. This led to a long and painful death due to many painful and serious medical problems and a tremendous loss of quality of life along the way.

Fortunately, the nonsense that the Bush administration is blocking genetic research is accepted, and America may even begin to catch up with progress around the world – even though many of the great minds in the American research community have migrated to Europe.

Fortunately, modern research is now focused on finding the root cause of every known problem that affects our health.