In a sense, this was the last part of a series of social networks that was developed to deliver marketers and business owners a service. The problem was that it didn't always work as planned.

Facebook introduced their Facebook Messenger Bot in August of 2020. It enabled a user to perform tasks like signing in, following friends, or getting bookmarks from your website without having to engage the computer with chat or emailing.

The Messenger Bot interface was sophisticated and functional and was a great way to gain attention for your website. But as mentioned earlier, the problems were that they were too complicated for users to handle and most people couldn't use them without experiencing problems.

Many techies decided to take matters into their own hands and created a bot that could assist Facebook Messenger Bot users in completing tasks that they had set up. They basically hacked Facebook Messenger Bot and made it so that users could easily perform specific tasks and functions.

While the success of these hacks may be questionable, it seems to work quite well for Facebook. After all, we all want to have access to tools and software that work smoothly and keep us organized while also adding value to our lives.

However, Facebook has yet to decide what to do with Messenger Bots. If you're interested in making money through these programs, your best bet is to continue using Facebook Messenger Bot but make sure you're aware of their policy.

It seems that Facebook will not allow users to monetize the programs themselves. Because of this, you'll need to share some of the cost of running your program in order to get paid.

In exchange for your help, you can get paid per lead. If you manage to generate a minimum of a hundred lead per month, you can get paid about $.08 per lead.

It's important to note that the rates are rather low at first but will start to increase significantly in the long run. Facebook also recommends that you use bots and websites that have been paid for so that you can get access to several tools without spending money on every single one.

It's possible to sign up with a Bot Manager who will take care of the technical side of creating and maintaining your bot. They will be able to guide you through the entire process and walk you through the approval process.

You will be paid once a week depending on the time you spend working with Facebook. It's worth noting that you will not be paid directly from Facebook but will receive payments from them every week until you are able to earn enough.

While there are plenty of Facebook-run bots out there, many of them are paid and require you to invest a small amount of money upfront. On the other hand, the free ones are much more efficient and could actually make you more money.