When it comes to workplace productivity, employees that are constantly learning and growing are the ones that reap the rewards. And businesses know this – which is why they often invest in employee training and development programs. But there’s a catch: many workplaces don’t actually encourage learning. 

This can be bad for both employees and employers, as employees who are not given opportunities to grow and learn may become disgruntled and less productive. Here are some reasons why encouraging learning is important in the workplace: 

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1) Employees who are constantly learning and growing are more likely to be innovative and creative. This can lead to them developing new ideas, coming up with new solutions to problems, and being more effective at their jobs overall.

2) Employees who are able to keep up with changes in their industry or field tend to be more successful than those who don’t. If an industry is rapidly evolving, for example, a company that cannot keep up will find it harder to compete.

3) Enabling employees to learn new skills can help them stay ahead of the competition. Not only that but it can also promote retention of staff, as people tend to stick around places where they feel they have opportunities to grow professionally

In order to be a high-performing workplace, it is essential that employees have the opportunity to learn new communication protocols. This can be accomplished by providing training on how to use different communication tools, as well as equipping employees with the necessary skillset so that they can confidently communicate with coworkers.

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