Many plumbing companies offer services for smaller structures and residential buildings. If you were to search the telephone directory, you'd likely find many plumbers who can fix something in your home. Plumbing as well as larger structures such nursing homes, motels, and industrial complexes can't be handled by the average mom-and pop plumbing company.

Particularly apartment buildings can be affected by clogged sewer lines. This is why it is important to use specialized drain cleaning products. You can hire services of drain cleaning via

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Begin your research by calling regional drain cleaning agencies and asking if they can handle large sewer lines fed by multiple lateral lines from other units. A common problem in apartment buildings is grease buildup in the sewer lines and causing clogs. This is especially true if the apartments are equipped with garbage disposals in their kitchen sinks.

This is where a high-pressure, large-pressure, large-pressure h2o jet system with high pressure water pressure will be needed to clean the key line. These types of jobs are beyond the capabilities of standard sewer snakes or augers.

Second, ask for references from previous purchasers of any drain cleaning or plumbing business you are considering for your apartment building. They will be happy to provide you with a list of satisfied clients if the company is a specialist in their field. You should also inquire if the staff are paid by hourly or commission.