Both important indicators of socio-economic advancement are labor and electrical power, better-called energy.  

Really, power is the driving force behind virtually every action on the national front, in public life in addition to from the industrial and commercial spheres. You can also manage your assets for maintaining power through the energy transition by hiring professional engineers.  

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Sans power, it's Black Age for the whole world! Hence prime priority was delegated to electricity, produced throughout the traditional resources of tidal and hydro (dams and higher water drops ) or coal and lignite-fired thermal channels.  

Aside from these, you will find different methods such as oil-fired steam tanks, tapping sunlight beams (solar), wind, and throughout heat from nuclear reactors.  

Among these modes, electricity from solar, tidal, and wind sources is regarded as eco-friendly but the general generation is less vis-a-vis thermal, hydro, and also the much-debated nuclear energy plants. 

Hence scheduled and arbitrary power plant performance testing is essential for the sustenance of those endeavors.

But, only certain bureaus supported by the Ministry of Power are advised to run this investigation. This exercise can also be named performance analysis test (PET) and functionality assurance evaluation (PG) conducted by a group of highly competent engineers.

They examine the operational facets of the plant directly on day-one of their project's advancement to synchronization, commissioning, and commencement of commercial operation. 

The credibility of sellers and procurers is determined alongside reevaluation of whether the employees manning the power station have complied with the directives of the manufacturers of their generators and allied systems.