The Echelon Connect Sport bike is a excellent option for indoor cycling, but it does have a few flaws. Of course nobody would expect a bike that cost 25% of the price of its competitors to be 100% flawless, so let's dive in and talk about what's wrong with the Echelon Connect Sport bike and if it's really that big of a deal.

First and foremost, the author of TailHappyTV points out that the Echelon Connect Sport not really designed for people who are really tall. Specifically he claims that he can just barely fit on this Echelon bike, and his height clocked in at six foot five. Most people are not nearly this tall so this really isn't that big of a concern for most people who are considering buying the Echelon Connect Sport.

So let's address the second issue of this Echelon bike made for indoor cycling. In the review from TailHappyTV he points out that the drive train seems to make a clicking noise in certain scenarios. This is not something that is an ongoing problem but it does seem to happen on occasion when the force on the crank arms is rapidly changed with high power output. If a little clicking noise in the crank arm on random occasions is a big problem for you then you may want to consider spending four times as much money on a Peloton bike instead of getting the Echelon Connect Sport.

One improvement that TailHappyTV says the echelon bike could benefit from is having an adjustable handlebar. The handlebars on the echelon bike can only adjust up and down, they cannot adjust forward and backwards. In order to get a proper fit on any bicycle you really need the ability to adjust the handlebars forwards and backwards, so hopefully the next version of this Echelon bike has the ability to adjust the handlebars in more than one way. If you're considering getting the Echelon Connect Sport bike for your indoor cycling needs you may want to watch the full review from TailHappyTV linked in this article and see if you can deal with some of the minor problems you'll encounter using this exercise bike.