While most advertising campaigns target children, they shouldn't be overlooked as potential targets in these events. It is likely that the promotional events will become a greater success when children are also considered. 

The general perception is that any business could make use of the best children’s shirts as promotional items, the results of promotions suggest that the best outcomes are achieved by companies that sell products that children also use. Some of the companies that succeed in using products for promotion for kids are:

Businesses that sell toys for children. There are also places like recreation parks and playgrounds that are geared towards children. In this way, the shirt serves as an incentive for any child to come to the location.

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Schools are sold by companies selling school equipment. This isn't only a way for companies to make more money, but an opportunity to motivate youngsters to study more through making books and other educational materials accessible to children.

In many instances, fast-food chains and snack bars focus on children in order to draw more customers. To make them more appealing to children they typically offer promotional shirts for children to create something that kids can ignore. You can even search online for more information about children's shirts.