Outdoor screens are now a popular and widespread form of information and advertising. Open digital labels are much more practical than static labels and have many advantages.

An eye-catching and eye-catching digital exterior sign is much more visible than a static sign. Moving images and transitions grab attention and really make the content stand out. You can also get the services of manufacturing protection screens via https://signpower.net.au/product/protection-screens-folded/.

Uploading new content remotely means that once the digital tag is uploaded, there is no need for a technician to post new content as it can be uploaded remotely and distributed across multiple devices on the network. This saves time and money.

A common solution for outdoor digital signage is to use a commercially available display and provide protection with external LCD housing. It allows you to create your own screens and choose the model, type, and size that best fits your campaign.

LCD covers are designed for most types of LCD screens or plasma flat panels and are available in a variety of sizes, from a small 24 "cover that's ideal for small information displays to a larger 70" LCD cover that supports large external screen protectors.

The protection offered by the LCD housing is a comprehensive seal inside the screen, which not only keeps it dry and weather-free but also ensures the perfect temperature inside the housing regardless of the weather.