Cool swimwear is essential for lazy summer days, whether you plan on spending the day by the poolside or frolicking at the beach. These tips will help you update your child's summer wardrobe with the latest in clothing and accessories. You can also buy branded summer clothes via

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Summer clothes for girls

Let's start with the most basic summer fashion requirements: Shorts and Cropped Pants. The rising temperatures are looking for a way to make a fashion statement. 

This summer, Bermudas are available in both long and short lengths. There is a wide range of cropped pants, including capris, ankle-length pants. 

Soft cotton tanks and tees are best for summer clothing. For the summer heat, pastels and whites are the best. However, you can wear something more vibrant for the evenings.

Summer clothes for boys

A must-have in any wardrobe, especially for a boy's summer collection, are shorts.

While the traditional preference for solid colors has been there, there is an increasing demand for patterned, camouflage, and plaid cotton shorts. Shorts for boys should be long and spacious, with the most preferred length being at the knee.

Button downs look great paired with shorts all summer. The most in-demand style is the tee. They come in many styles. Graphic images and printed T-shirts are becoming increasingly popular and have carved out a niche for themselves.