Typical 1920s furniture was luxurious, sophisticated in style, and very glamorous in design. The Barcelona chair remains a testament to the artistic genius of its creators.

Today, the classic Barcelona Chair remains exclusive, excelling in popularity among the well-off and culturally intelligent. Its reputation has not faltered over time, leading to a vast amount of reproductions being available on the market. One can also click at keeksdesign.com/product-category/collection/barcelona-chair-replica for a Barcelona chair replica.

Genuine, high-quality reproductions do not disregard the intensive labor which went into making the original Barcelona Chair; the formal and royal influences are maintained through continuous attention to detail, ensuring quality is at the forefront of reproducing an iconic masterpiece.

Despite this, it's easy to be duped into buying a low-quality product without knowing it. To ensure your replica Barcelona chair is of the highest standard, there are a few main tell you can keep an eye out for. Are the cushions of the correct proportion? Many cheaper reproductions have cushions that are too large.

You don't want a beautiful chair that's no good for sitting on because it's stuffed full of cheap foam. Also, check the cushions don't move about on the frame. The best quality reproduction Barcelona chairs have strong poppers and rivets which securely attach the cushions to the frame. Cushions that are too loose can again impair comfort.

Don't compromise on style when it comes to buying your replica.