Sheet metal, whether aluminum alloy, stainless steel, steel, titanium or other metals, is usually cut using a CNC laser cutting machine. When metal needs to be used for prototyping or thicker metal for a specific project, this type of machine is ideal.

The use of computer digitally controlled (CNC) laser cutting machines shortens design and setup times and eliminates the need for hard tools. Once an order is received, this type of technology helps ensure that the order can be filled immediately, enabling production to begin immediately. 

When it comes time to start a project in China, waiting a few days to get the machines ready seems no longer necessary. The number of jobs is reduced mainly by using fiber laser cutting machine in China, which means that production can start the day the order is received.

cnc metal laser cutter

Multiple cuts can be easily made in a single sheet of metal with this machine. During the cutting process, the pieces are tied together while the machine continues to cut them. If the parts need to be separated from each other, a rubber mallet can be used or the blades of this laser cutting machine can be shaken.

For this reason, parts made after cutting with these laser cutting machines are referred to as "shuffler" parts. This machine also makes quite precise cuts. However, when using this laser cutting machine, it saves time & production cost.