The CEH certification was developed by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants to provide an industry-wide means of certifying the competence of a computer or network security professional.

CEH certification is awarded to individuals who have attained the knowledge and troubleshooting skills necessary to provide appropriate support in the area of computer and network security. It will be updated regularly to keep it up

CEH is specifically designed to offer comprehensive certifications designed to certify competence across many different suppliers. The CEH certified ethical hacker certification online is intended for security personnel, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, or anyone who regularly handles network infrastructure security.

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The goal of ethical hackers is to help organizations take precautions against malicious attacks by attacking the systems themselves while staying within the bounds of the law to verify their vulnerabilities.

This logic stems from the best practice of catching a thief by acting and behaving like a thief. As technology advances, organizations become increasingly dependent on technology, and information becomes a vital component of survival.

You only need to pass one certificate to become a CEH. However, obtaining this certificate does not mean that you can immediately start providing services to the company, as this is only the first step.

Earning the CEH certification allows you to gain more experience and knowledge based on your interest in computers and networking, and then pursue more challenging and in-depth networking skills and certifications.