Correctly laid tile work can look fabulous and keep your home fresh, clean, and colorful for years to come. The only problem people face is how to maintain the grout and keep the tiles looking their best after years of wear and tear, water, and general damage. 

Here are some "trade secrets" as well as cons that will help make this new floor, wall, or backdrop look as beautiful as when you put it up. If you are searching for cleaning professionals, then you can contact for modern tile and grout cleaning at

It has long been believed that using vinegar is the best detergent to use on grout and tiles. Vinegar contains acids that actually attack the mortar and make it more porous, create more traps for water contamination and pollution, and cause serious damage. 

A great alternative is to use the windshield washer you have in your car for the 3: 1 water radio liquid. The way to wash a mug without scratches is because the mug contains alcohol, is very soft, and can be used immediately after installation to protect the area from stains in the future.

Bathroom tile and grout can be difficult to look fresh and new because of the constant humidity and water pressure that erodes the grout and can penetrate walls. The best way to avoid breakdowns and problems is to review and rearrange everything every seven to ten years.

Proper professional treatment is always a good idea and should be performed by a tile professional. While many carpet cleaning services claim that they may be able to clean grout for you, they simply have no experience with equipment that can do the job without potentially damaging it with high-pressure steam and chemicals.