Wooden pallets are very useful for moving and protecting goods efficiently from damage. What's even better is that they are a source of convertible wood for a variety of projects. From carpentry to home improvement, many people see the potential of wood pallet projects to make all kinds of items and even stylish home furniture.

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Pallets can be customized in many ways for wooden pallet projects. First, they can be used exactly as is – either arranged or cut to the size you want. It's best to clean the palette before use and then cover any rough areas for a smooth finish.

Stacked pallets make a fantastic base for sofas, especially for outdoor patios. You might even be able to make a patio out of pallets. Stacked or combined pallets can also make cheap bedding.

Recycling pallets is also a great idea for the environment. Using wooden pallets for DIY projects protects them from landfills and means they won't get burned and create more greenhouse gases that add to global warming or are dumped into unsightly piles and rot.

Pallet design is a very eco-friendly way to get new furniture and you can design it to fit your specifications.

Wooden pallets can also coordinate with almost any decor. If you like the wood, sanding it is sufficient, or you can get a shinier look by applying varnish.