Occupational therapy aids patients in adapting to their injuries to intensify productivity and functional independence. A therapist who is proficient in this domain can assist in enhancing coping skills in individuals after injuries that may lead to permanent disability. The treatment is done once the patient has fully recovered and its sole purpose is to improve his quality of life by not letting the disability affect him.

Many centers are there for occupational therapy where the therapists aid the patients who have suffered permanent damage and disabilities.

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They train the patients to use special devices including hearing aids, walking tools, visual aids, and other equipment that can minimize the dependence on caregivers; thus, lessens economic and psychological dependence. Occupational therapy can help young children with disabilities and aging adults experiencing cognitive and physical challenges.

Occupational therapy treatment consists of numerous steps; primarily, is the evaluation phase where several medical professionals will conduct a myriad of assessments to know the patient's current functionality and his impairment.

Depending on the requirement, the experts might do assessments for different areas like function, skill, psychological feature, visual perception, hand dexterity, gross and fine motor skills, speech, and language. This phase is the base to form an apt treatment plan for the individuals. The practitioners will come to know the level to perform certain movements, tasks, or actions.

After the prescribed treatment plan, the patients have to do several exercises under the guidance of medical staff. They are also recommended daily exercises to perform at home throughout the day.

If adaptive tools or procedures are required to perform tasks, the professionals will aid them to choose the right options. If a patient has difficulty in walking, then the therapists will also guide better ways to arrange their home by adding ramps, grabbing bars, or removing rugs.