Dental decay is also known as dental caries or cavity is a common disease that affects the large percentage of the world population. It is widespread and generally occurs because of bad oral habits. This is a dental demineralization by bacteria releasing acid. These acids cause decaying teeth. Decay starts on the outer surface of the teeth and develops into a deeper layer.

Causes of teeth decay

Dental decay is not an event that appears. This happens because the causes that constantly act like bad oral habits. Bad oral hygiene causes plaque formation responsible for starting caries formation. The organism is responsible for causing teeth damage is Streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus. You can check painless root canal services via online resources.

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These bacteria release the acid that starts the teeth decay. The main causes of caries are poor oral hygiene. Not often brushing and brushing incorrect teeth leads to bad oral hygiene. Does not rinse after eating, the intake of starch and excessive sweet diet, smoking also contributes to the teeth decay.

Symptoms of tooth decay

Initially, there were no symptoms of decay until they had developed extensively. The white lime point may appear on the teeth that show the dissolution of the outer layer of teeth which are enamel. White lime venues only appear in some cases and not all.