The easiest way to change the look of your home is to change the exterior color. This is especially true for painted wooden or brick houses. The only thing you need to change is the color of your brick house.

If you want to remove the existing paint and return to the natural walls of the house, you will need to use sandblasting to remove the paint layer. You can also use a high pressure cleaner in perth to remove dirt from your home.

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The first thing to do is come up with color ideas. Unless you want to sand it back to its original state, the choice of color for the foundation of a brick house and any walls is important.

Some neighborhoods and communities have strict union rules that may require homeowners to obtain approved paint before installing it on their homes.

Since colors can look very different in the sun and in darker times, it's a good idea to pick the top three options and draw them on a large whiteboard. Place the board in an area that gets different light throughout the day. The person who looks the best has to be the right person.

The color of the shutters, perhaps the shutters and the front door should also be checked. Now it's time to prepare the brick surface.