Oil investing is not a place for the weak-hearted person as investing in oil has a high degree of volatility and the risk ranges from very low to very high.

There's a lot that's discussed about the scarcity of petroleum, the shrinking volume, and the lack of supply growth and the increasing supply from oil-producing nations. In contrast to the growing demands for petroleum in the global economy that is accelerating the rise of consumerism and where oil is essential, it creates an environment where the cost of oil isn't likely to fall. 

It could be able to stay on the rise or remain with its high cost in the marketplace.This is a secure and a relatively profitable investment. But, investing in oil is not something to be considered as a pastime or in an optimistic manner. 

A professional's advice is recommended for finding the best Tennessee oil and gas industry & oil investment to gain profit. Professional advice is available by portfolio managers. Investors could go further and study the geographical aspects of drilling sites , such as the seismic and structural aspects of oil industry sectors in the event of deciding to invest.

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It also has an extremely broad range of risk-taking potential, which ranges from fairly low to explosive. The most straightforward and least risky way to invest is by purchasing shares of well-known, independent or major oil companies. 

Higher risk and better returns are available in smaller, more aggressive companies and service firms that expand to new areas. The most risky, however, which could yield the most return is investing with operating companies that are independent through direct participation investments as well as the trading of commodities in futures.