The pursuit of fossil fuel reserves isn't the same as it had been in previous times.

Nowadays the technology exists that empowers a business to drill and extract a whole lot more oil from one reservoir than was possible before, and new methods permit the capture and transfer of natural gas (NS) connected with crude oil. You can do the best investment in oil via

How to Invest in Oil Wells & Gas - Investment Opportunities

Oil and Gas Investing is Once Again a Profitable Opportunity

Because of newer and more efficient drilling techniques such as horizontal drilling, more oil can be extracted from a single reservoir. And one of the by-products of oil drilling is natural gas.

However, new technology has been developed that can capture natural gas while drilling for crude oil. This is big news for oil and gas investing, and for those companies that can use the technology to harness and sell NS.

Oil and gas investing can be much more profitable with the capture and use of NS as a biofuel. Automobile makers are now manufacturing more cars that use biofuels such as natural gas as a result of consumer demand.

Other uses for natural gas include electricity generation with gas turbines, domestic use including home heating and cooking, fertilizer, and hydrogen-powered aviation. So you can see that natural gas is becoming a big market.