When we think of Italian food, the first thing that pops into their mind is pasta dishes. To get a taste of the most amazing Pasta dishes find Italian delicatessens near me on the search engine.  According to the experts, they believe that pasta first came into Italy in the ninth century. It was believed to have originated via an Arabic recipe that combined flour and water. However, today Italy has perfected the art of pasta in various varieties. 

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Apart from spaghetti, there are different Italian pasta dishes such as ravioli, which are filled with ravioli that is filled with pasta. Italian food also contains dumpling-like pasta made of potatoes, referred to as Gnocchi. Many pasta dishes, like Gnocchi, are served with some kind of sauce. 

The most well-known Italian sauce is marinara. It's made from tomatoes and is made up of onions, garlic, as well as herbs such as basil and oregano. A lot of traditional Italian recipes for pasta and sauces contain different meats and cheeses, or other vegetables that have been sauteed in olive oil and then added to the dish.

Italian cuisine is also noted for the use of seafood in many of their meals. One of the most well-known dishes called Calamari is a dish that is served with deep-fried squid, which has been decorated with cheese parmesan. It is a well-loved appetizer.

 The fish dishes that are part of Italian food are usually easy and represent the seasonality of the cuisine. The most common way to cook it is with olive oil and parsley and lemon juice. This can be served in a variety of ways while maintaining the authenticity of the original flavor.