No matter what type of lens or camera you have, the best lighting can make a shot perfect. The quality and intensity of these devices used in photography can be measured.  Photography is influenced by the intensity of the light.

Studio lights are a major expense for professional photographers. Both amateur and professional photographers can choose from a variety of equipment. The quality of light refers either to its texture or the shadow it creates.

Fill lights: These devices can brighten dark shadows caused by other devices. It is usually placed close to the camera, and points directly onto the subject.

Key lights: This is the most important device used in studios. It is angled at 90 degrees and points downwards at the subject.

Back lights: These lighting devices point at the equipment's back and show the outline of the subject. This is an important tool in professional photography.

Cool Lighting: This is the most comfortable type of equipment. It is cool because it contains fluorescent bulbs. It has the same color as daytime, and can be combined with the flash. You can adjust these devices to meet your individual needs.

Hot Lighting: This is another device that is used for illumination in the field photography.