One of the most important items to have in your cosmetic kit is a good set of makeup brushes. These brushes come in a variety of different sizes and can serve an excess of different purposes.

The first type of makeup brush is the one that can be used to apply facial powder. These are bigger with very fine bristles. You can choose an extended or shorter mango, all depending on your tastes.

When you use this type of brush, you need to put the brush into the powder and gently shake to remove any excess before enrolling on your face. Be sure to scrub them well and let them dry normally. Buying makeup brushes online helps you save money. 

You can use the same type of brush to use your blush, but you must have both separated to do the trick so that the makeup doesn't mix and you put on an excess of powder or blush. When you are going to put on the blush, you are going to immerse the item in the blush in the same way as you do with the powder and eliminate the extra.

You need smaller brushes that can help you apply other makeup, including the eyeliner. These brushes are usually very small. To apply the eyeliner with a small brush, you can place the brush within the eye shadow of your choice and apply it towards the edge of your eye. You can choose to do this on both the top and bottom covers if you want.