Barcode labels are tags that help humans and machines to identify any products provided. These labels come in several types and resemble the average tag. These labels are distinguished by the type of base material, called stock, printed. The label is currently available on all types of materials and equipped with various adhesive backings.

Warehouse and distribution centers use metal barcode labels when durability is the only choice. Anodized aluminum and urethane-plated steel are very difficult to use, because they can be repaired to the floor, to totes, pallets, and more. Thanks to the power of aluminum and steel tags, they can also be reused.

metal barcode labels

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Metal barcode labels are a popular choice with the facility management team. The image of the photographic sub-surface allows metal barcodes designed with all types of images. Anodized aluminum tags are usually included with barcodes and alpha, numeric and alphanumeric content.

Metal barcode labels are made with almost all Symbology of the required stem code, including linear, 2 dimensions, and stacked. All products are supplied as individual items, but they are packed in ways that maintain the sequence of reference files.

Metal barcode tags are ideal for customers who need a permanent name board to stand in a harsh environment. Black copies, logos, and photographic stem codes are reproduced for maximum clarity and detail, then sealed in aluminum anodic layers.