Ad mediation is the use of technology and tools for monetization that helps maximize the display ad fill rate and eCPM for publishers. Also, it could include a service that allows publishers to find and display ads on their site from an ad network, advertiser directly, and other sources.

Ad mediation platform looks for the best available ad networks when sending ad requests to multiple sources of demand. In this way, they ensure publishers find the best ads available to fill their ad slots. You can also access the highest paying ad networks online.

Publisher's ad network ranked in order of preference. If the top ad network cannot fill the ad request, ad network mediation platforms try the next preferred to fill the request.

What Ad Mediation Can Do?

Ad Mediation provides multiple access ad networks for your ad inventory, and make them compete with each other for the ad slot. This increases the competition between advertisers and in return, increases your ad revenue. CPM mediation platform checks what all the various ad networks that offer and look for the highest one.

The best thing of all is that you do not need to spend time managing it. There's an optimization algorithm that automatically ensures the highest bidder wins.

With the mediation of advertising, you get everything you need for dominance in the monetization of direct integration. As a result, developers save time integrating the SDK. They also do not have to maintain and manually manage their advertising monetization strategy. Instead, the entire process is managed from a single platform.