The work of a paint company includes applying paint to the inside and outside, choosing paint, filling holes with paint, closing corners, advising clients, cleaning the site, and so on.

These few secrets will help you find a GREAT paint contractor who'll deliver a top-quality job at an excellent price and leave you with a satisfying home improvement experience. You can also hire professional house painting services via

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1. A GREAT Paint Contractor Presents Proof of Insurance

While a good paint contractor may tell you he's insured, a GREAT contractor presents a copy of his policy, proving the amount of coverage he carries for both property damage and bodily injury that may result from the contractor's work. 

By nature, paint materials are highly flammable, and, should a tragedy occur, you need to know your contractor is sufficiently insured.

2. A GREAT Paint Contractor NEVER Asks for a Deposit

While some paint contractors may request a deposit before beginning the work, well-established, successful painting professionals have sufficient operating income and can easily afford to purchase materials and make payroll. 

BE WARY of a contractor who asks for a deposit! If he is unable to purchase materials, he's probably unable to pay his staff.  

If you agree to advance payment of any kind, be sure materials have been purchased and are on your property, leaving you some kind of leverage should the contractor default on the work.