Because the real estate market is such a boom or bust situation, property tax value varies with the market. At such times there is a real estate boom and the market is good, because the fair market value and assessment value are increasing, property tax value will also increase. 

An appraisal is more valuable than an assessment and can make a sale of your house less expensive. It works in the same way when you purchase it. When purchasing it works the same way and your house will be assessed by what it is appraised for. If you want to get some advice about tax value then you can visit at

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Your local authority will periodically conduct an appraisal of your property's monetary value. The taxes are compared to similar properties in the area. It is possible to look at the history of your house and all property taxes that have been imposed over the years. 

Comparing these figures to others in your neighborhood will help you determine if you have a reason to appeal property taxes. An appraisal is required if you apply for a mortgage. The lenders consider this to be the most accurate information about the property's market value and the assessment.

Comparisons of neighboring properties will be done. The amount of sales, new construction, and future properties and houses that are similar or identical to yours will all be taken into consideration.