Regular cleaning can add to the longevity of expensive kitchen appliances. Dirt is a major cause of refrigerator failure. Dusty fridge coils make the fridge work harder to keep your food cold. 

This ultimately lowers the energy efficiency of the refrigerator to the point where the internal temperature increases and the food spoils. This not only consumes more energy and equipment but also puts your restaurant at risk.

There are several things you can do to keep your kitchen refrigerator clean and working in good condition. You can get more information about refrigeration case cleaning via

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Some tips avoid unnecessary health risks to your employees and customers.

How to keep your refrigerator clean

Clean the surface of the refrigerator (inside and outside).

It's important to clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator – preferably weekly or monthly. Remove all items from the refrigerator (including shelves and trays) and put them in a cool place temporarily.

Make sure the refrigerator is turned off by the circuit breaker before unplugging the device. After turning it off, use a brush and soft cloth to clean shelves and surfaces. Avoid abrasives and cleaning solvents. 

Commercial fridge cleaning professionals usually use special non-toxic solutions and special equipment. Therefore, you can also hire professionals who can do this job more efficiently.

If you are unsure, contact a professional cleaner. They clean commercial refrigerators with a food-grade antibacterial detergent. Their service quality is built on years of experience and adherence to the highest safety standards.