Candle wax is essential for preserving resin flowers, and can also be used to make them more attractive. In this article, learn how to preserve resin flowers with candle wax.

Resin flowers are found in nature and are made up of natural waxes and oils. The process to make a resin flower is different for each plant. 

Resin flowers were previously made by hand, but now they can be created by melting the waxes and solvents together and dipping a piece of glass into the material. After it dries, the dried resin is then polished with sandpaper until it is smooth. You can also hire resin flower preservation service via the web. 

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When you make wax out of candle wax, you can preserve resin flowers. You will need to use clear beeswax and confectioner's sugar or cornstarch. You could also use other materials as long as they are food-grade.

How to Preserve the Flowers

You might want to preserve your resin flowers. The best way is by coating the surface of the flower with candle wax. This will help keep any water from soaking in and destroying the flower. You can also use it as a base to create figurines and other decorations.

Why Do You Want To Preserve Your Flowers?

There are a lot of reasons you might want to preserve your flowers. Maybe you're planning on moving into a new house and don't want to bring the flowers with you, or maybe you want to take them with you if something spooky happens in your neighborhood. 

If that's the case, waxing is the perfect way to preserve flowers. It will prevent any of the natural elements from damaging their beauty and keeps them fresh while they last.