Many people buy motorized folding pool covers because they can expand their outdoor living space with the push of a button, and many people place them above their windows to control shade and save energy. 

Since the awning is retractable via a motorized device, it can be removed or retracted by one person at the push of a button, rather than several people working in coordination to manually open and close the non-motorized retractable awning above your patio.

You can opt for a retractable pool roof system at various online sources.

Of course, some people like motorized folding canopies because they don't want to install a permanent, non-retractable, sun-bleached canvas canopy that would detract from the look of their home. Newer brands of motorized pull-out umbrellas use acrylic fabrics that are strong, water-resistant, and don't fade.

The retractable roof allows you to bask for several days, have shade on a very hot day, or even have a BBQ on a rainy day. Canopies are a great way to reduce energy bills, and many find that additional blinds can significantly reduce their electricity bill. 

There are several companies that make and sell motorized retractable blinds, and they are all affordable and easy ways to take advantage of outdoor living without spending a fortune. Many people don't realize how they have lived without them for so long after experiencing the benefits of retractable awnings for their swimming pools that require shade control.