Most young parents always seem to pay too much attention to their child's education. Why not? A solid foundation prepares your children for future education and higher education. For this reason, it is very important to find a reputable secondary school that can prepare your child for competitive entrance exams to independent high schools and public high schools.

If you are based in Ireland, you have two options when it comes to preparatory or primary schools – public or government-funded schools that offer free education and private or independent schools that charge tuition. You can also consider Ashfield College full time school & grinds.

While public secondary schools and private high schools offer complete curricula based on the national curriculum, private primary or preparatory schools offer many additional facilities and learning opportunities that will go a long way in shaping your child's future. Some of the reasons you should choose a private or private primary school over a public school are as follows:

  • Private schools are known to offer a more personalized education than public schools.

  • Private schools have better student-teacher ratios, usually around 9:1.

  • Private schools usually offer longer classes and homework.

  • Private preparatory schools place special emphasis on extracurricular activities and organized sports.

The performance of every leading private school is now forcing every couple to choose a private preparatory school for their child.