As an employer, employee productivity is your top priority. Without them, your business operations and growth will be crippled and this is every business's nightmare. Your employees are the most important people because they can build or close your company. Smart employers know how to make their employees happy so they can do their best and have no reason to leave the company for good. 

Vacations are one of the most important things to make your employees happy. You can also set up an employee holiday planner via to manage leaves with ease and efficiently.

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You increase productivity. 

Constant work can lead to fatigue and this leads to low productivity. Giving your employees annual leave gives them a chance to focus and relax, and they will be able to give more when they return to their duties.

You reduce employee absenteeism. 

If you don't allow them to take care of their personal matters, employees will always find a way to make time for themselves, and that means they have to deal with a lot of absenteeism. But if you give them vacations with care, you'll be letting them have a schedule so they can take care of everything that's important during their vacation. You need to remember that they also have a life outside your company.

They make the staff happy. 

Nothing is more useful to a company than a happy team of employees. Leaves give them time to spend more time with family and friends, and it makes them happy and content. In the end, you have a happier team that is motivated to continue to do what's best for the company and automatically leads to growth.