Family transport companies like most family businesses, fall into two categories. Some are large and have a fleet of trucks that provide national, national, or international trucking services.

There is also best regional trucking company in the Midwest that may own trucks, often multi-generational, to expand or maintain smaller operations. Just look at the names of the many major auto companies and it's easy to see that family businesses are certainly not the minority in the industry.

Dream of Disappearing Family Trucking Company

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Like many industries today, auto companies of all sizes and ownership combinations have a harder time surviving than ever before.

 Fuels prices are higher, insurance prices are higher and the younger generation is increasingly moving from family to business. Children no longer see the family business as their own and may choose a different type of career or a different, less demanding lifestyle.

Small family carriers have more than just challenges, but they should not automatically lead to the assumption that small family carriers are on the decline. In the United States, small transportation companies are the backbone of the auto industry.

According to the American Transportation Research Institute, 88% of all US auto companies own fewer than 6 trucks.

Although there is no specific information on "family ownership", it can be assumed that this business is largely single-owned, while large companies with more than 20 trucks, corporate businesses, and account for only 4% of the total.

Of course, this 4% of automotive companies make up a large percentage of the total number of trucks on the road.