Are you a person who leads a very dynamic life and does not stay at a place for a long time? Or maybe you travel often as a tourist or exterior explorer?  With respect to consistent care of your body hydration and keeping harmful pesticides, chemicals and bacteria, all of these issues are important. portable water filters have preserved not only the lifestyle you want, but they give you the freedom to make the best choices for your well-being.

You can consider yourself lucky these days because there are many options on how to contact the material of purified water during your trip. Special water bottles with sanitizing function, light weight water dispensers for personal and group use, filters that are easily installed to tap water and machines that use water, and the list goes on.

Manufactured after the concerns of water supply in areas of countries that have undergone natural disasters, disinfectant water bottles are capable of creating drinking water from dirty and contaminated sources at a rapid speed. 

One of the popular models, a military approved unit called Life Saver, has several level filters that get rid of bacterial and viral infections, as well as fecal contamination. Even the dirtiest water can become pure and clear and be ready for instant consumption. The main pluses of this bottle is that its advanced filter has a very long life span before it has to be replaced.