Web Developers have evermore wondered why they should validate their websites to W3C. Some Web Developers don't care to validate in W3C and others live by it. Personally, you should validate your website in W3C. Having a good coding style and using W3C will make your site more accessible to disabled individuals. You can also visit this website to know more about website compliance online.

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What Does W3C Stand For?

The World Wide Web Consortium or W3C has been put together a precise way to code a site to make it accessible to disabled individuals. There a number of individuals that are diagnosed with a disability that uses the internet. These tools will help their usability with the content and navigation on the site.

W3C Standards is Easy

With W3C Standards coding your website in W3C isn't hard, nor isn't any more work than not coding in W3C. There are some areas you need to consider.

Use Alt Tags and Closing Tags for all Images

Such as your img tags need to have an "alt" tag with them. An alt tag is a small description of the image. This alt tag is used by the web browser to describe the image in text form or a description when an image isn't displayed. When a web browser cannot find an image it will display the alt tag in its place. Also, close the image tag with a />