It's widely regarded as one of the job types for which there will always be a great demand, thanks in large part to the wide variety of related fields in which you can practice. So exactly what types of jobs are out there?

Exploring social worker jobs

These types of jobs can be separated into three basic groups, depending on who you're providing the service for. Firstly, they can take place in a family environment working with children in care or children who have trouble in school, as well as families who are struggling with financial or housing difficulties. 

They also work with  NDIS providers. You can go to and find good social worker jobs in Tasmania.

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Secondly, there's medically-focussed jobs which concentrate on the physical well-being of people who are leaving hospital, have a long-term or debilitating illness, or who have suffered a life-altering injury. 

The third category of social worker jobs are those which deal with mental health issues, which can range from a clinical diagnosis to substance abuse or eating disorders.

Regardless of the difference in types of social work, every role involves assessing the situation of a vulnerable individual and providing the physical or emotional support they need. 

As well as working directly with the service users, these jobs will include a great deal of organisation and management, requiring team meetings and regular reports to ensure the best service provision for each individual case.